MUDr. Renáta Holbová (roz. Hynčicová) -- dentist, aesthetic dentistry 

Life with a perfect smile


Do you want to have a beautiful and representative smile? Healthy teeth and gums? Nothing is impossible! We offer complex dental aesthetics services using state-of-the-art technology in a comfortable and modern dental surgery located in the city center of Opava .

We specialize in above-standard high quality dental aesthetics care. All surgeries are performed under local anesthesia so that you don't have to be afraid of pain. During the check-up we examine the state of your dentition with a digital x-ray apparatus (visiography) , which represents the safest way of x-raying. All images are immediately transferred to the computer so that you can review and discuss them with the doctor. This way we can discover hidden interdental caries, overhanging gum-irritating fillings, scale deposits hidden under gums, the state of your jawbone and other important things.

Thanks to intra-oral camera you can monitor the situation in your mouth on a screen.

zena In the first phase of the treatment we focus on eliminating gingivitis and it's symptoms (bleeding), next we remove scale above and under the gum using ultrasound . We explain and demonstrate the correct way of brushing your teeth using various tools (regular brushes, interdental brushes, solo brush, dental floss, gum stimulator). As regards unsightly pigmentation on your teeth, we can remove this very efficiently using Air-flow . It is a special nozzle with very fine grain and water, which painlessly cleans the surface of the tooth, interdental space and other places, which are otherwise hardly accessible. For treatment of hypersensitive cervices and acute and chronic gingivitis we are very successful with biostimulating laser , which speeds up reimbursement and decreases sensitivity. If you suffer from dentist anxiety, we can help you with homeopathy or acupuncture. For better aesthetics of your smile, you can have your teeth's color raised by several tones with our professional teeth whitening program. We will offer you various ways of solving your dental problems and inform you about all the financial and chronological aspects of the treatment.